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Almat Aviation


We have a dedicated team of flying instructors who will be supporting you during your flight training and helping you through the ground course qualifications.

Airfield facilities

Being based at Coventry Airfield, we enjoy all of the facilities associated with  large airports such as Birmingham or East Midlands. We have radar and instrument landing system together with other radio navigation aids. This allows you to gain vital experience of using bigger airfields facilities with full air traffic control. We have ATIS (automatic terminal information service) tower, radar, approach and we even have a ground frequency (rarely used) However, Coventry being solely a freight  airfield has much less traffic and is perfect for training.
Another advantage, when you come to take your Night qualifications is the fact that Coventry Airport is open until 1.00 am so you can train during the hours of darkness even during the summer months.

Types of aircraft

The aircraft available for your training are operated by ALMAT AVIATION Ltd and provide an ideal platform for flight training.

We have a total of 9 aircraft, which are suitable for training:

3 x Cessna 152 Two seater
2 x Cessna 172 Four seater
1 x Grob 115 Two seater
1 x Piper PA28 Four Seat
1 x Piper PA28R Four Seat
1 x Robin 2160 Two Seat

This provides us with plenty of capacity and you can take guests in the four seaters during your trial or training flights.

Ground courses offered

Not all flying clubs provide ground school classes and you are left to your own devices to acquire the knowledge required to pass the exams. Learning with our experienced instructors makes it much more interesting and easier to digest, and you get to meet your fellow students.

Organisation’s philosophy

We are a small friendly organisation and close knit team; our aim is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible while maintaining a structured learning environment.

We are confident you will enjoy your flying experience with us and that some of our enthusiasm for flying will encourage and help you during your flight training.

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