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PPL privileges revalidation and renewal

training aircraftYou may not have flown for many years, however getting back into flying is now much easier under EASA.

Most importantly – you do not have to do the whole course again!

At Almat we have our own on-site Examiner who can conduct the Proficiency Check. We can also provide refresher Theoretical Knowledge training on a one-to-one tuition basis with one of our Instructors. You are also welcome to join one of our PPL subject courses.

Call us today and start flying again

See below to find out what you will need

Refresher training

Lapsed PPL holders complete refresher training sufficient to pass the Skill Test (this has replaced the old Navigation Flight Test and General Flight Test).

We find that this will require:
  • General handling
  • Circuits
  • Stalls
  • Use of radio navigation aids
  • Cross-country flying
  • Instrument flying

Certificate of Revalidation

The Examiner signs the page within the licence. An LST/LPC form, completed as a renewal, is then sent to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Time lapse

 If the licence has lapsed less than 5 years there is no fee to pay to the CAA. If lapsed more that 5 years the CAA will require a renewal fee.

See for latest details of the Personnel Licensing Charges Scheme.


Your will also need to renew your FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence):
  • A UK FRTOL issued after 17th 2012 does not expire
  • A UK FRTOL issued before 17th September is valid for 10 years. See CAP 804 section 6 part A

And that is it – you are flying again!