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Trial flying lessons from £80.00

Experience the freedom and excitement of flying a light aircraft, treat yourself or someone else to the experience of a lifetime.



Your first introductory taster flight
only £80.00.

For that extra special occasion, add a “Gift Box” for an extra £18.00 which includes:
  • Presentation box
  • Trial Flight Guide
  • Key Ring
  • Drink Voucher at the nearby Oak Public House (believed to be the former officers mess during the time the RAF were present at Coventry)

Please call us to book your flight or request a gift voucher

Trial Flying Lessons

Your lesson begins with a pre-flight briefing where you will be introduced to the basic flying controls, the main instruments and the profile of the flight.

You will sit in the Captains seat which gives the best perspective of the instruments and your own set of flight controls (duplicated for the instructor). You will have control for the majority of the flight where you will learn the basics of manoeuvring the aircraft.

It is followed by a short debrief after landing and your Instructor can answer any questions you may have about learning to fly.

We have a four seat aircraft available if you want to bring friends or family who are interested in your flying skills.

The flight time logged during your Trial lesson will count towards the hours required for the issue of your Private Pilots Licence. Our instructors will show you how to complete your logbook if you wish to acquire one.

Standard Prices

Standard Prices
2 seat aircraft
Cessna 152's
Circuit - £80.00 30 minutes - £110 45 minutes - £145 1 hour - £180
4 seat aircraft
Cessna 172
Cherokee 161/200
Circuit - £96.00 30 minutes - £126 45 minutes - £186 1 hour - £222
An Aerobatic Flight N/A N/A 40 minutes - £200 1 hour - £250
Observer Circuit - £15 30 minutes - £20 45 minutes - £25 1 hour - £30
 *Please note the above figures are for single occupants.