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Perfect gift for Christmas, birthday or special occasion

Trial flying lessons from £80.00

Why not experience the freedom and excitement of flying a light aircraft, treat yourself or someone else to the experience of a lifetime.

giftboxWebYour first introductory taster flight
only £80.00.

For that extra special occasion, add a “Gift Box” for an extra £18.00 which includes:
  • Presentation box
  • Trial Flight Guide
  • Key Ring
  • Drink Voucher

Please call us to book your flight or request a gift voucher

Trial Flying Lessons

Whether you are curious to know what it is like to pilot a light aircraft, or are considering a PPL but want to know if flying is for you, the trial lesson is the ideal place to start.

You will sit in the left-hand seat (the pilot-in-command seat), whilst your instructor will talk you through the flight. Your lesson starts with a briefing session where your Instructor will explain the controls of the aircraft and how they work which will prepare you to take control under supervision during your lesson.
During the flight you can take the controls and fly the aircraft, or take a more relaxed approach and see the sites around Warwickshire, take photographs and just enjoy the sensation of being in a light aircraft. It is followed by a short debrief after landing and your Instructor can answer any questions you may have about learning to fly.

The 30 minute trial lesson is a taster only – we recommend the one hour trial lesson so you can really be sure that flying is for you. If you have a spouse or parent who wishes to come along and see what you could be doing (or what they may be helping to pay for!) we can use a 4 seat aircraft. This means you can have two relatives or friends join you on your trial lesson.

The flight time logged during your Trial lesson will count towards the hours required for the issue of a PPL. Our trial lesson information booklet has a logbook entry section on it which will be completed by your instructor. Note – this is valid for use at any club (not just Almat) at any time in the future.

10% Off Next Lesson!

We hope you enjoy your flying experience, we are always looking to encourage new pilots.  If you purchase your next flying lesson on the day of your experience, we will discount it by 10%!  The next lesson will bring you even closer to your licence.  Speak to office staff for more details.

Two Hour Introductory Flying Experience For One Person-£225.00

  • 20-30 minute pre flight briefing.
  • Taxi the aircraft out (you will be shown how to taxi the aircraft using your feet).
  • Power checks at the hold.
  • Pre departure checks.
  • Enter the active runway and depart into the local area.
  • You will control the aircraft from the just after take off (dual controls are fitted).
  • Return to the Coventry circuit pattern.
  • Control the turn onto base leg.
  • Set up the approach to the runway.
  • Hand back control to the instructor for him/her to complete the landing.
  • At taxiing speed you may have control for the return to the apron (parking).
  • Post flight briefing.
  • Collect your certificate as a reminder of your flight (record it in a personal log book).
  • Celebration (complimentary drink at The Oak, next door to the airport entrance).
  • This flight will count towards your European or National licence.
  • Minimum of two persons (voucher holders) per flight.
  • You will have 30 minutes of hands on control of the aircraft and 30 minutes of observation time in the rear of the aircraft.
Standard Prices
2 seat aircraft Circuit - £80-.00 30 minutes - £110 45 minutes - £145 1 hour - £180
4 seat aircraft Circuit - £96.00 30 minutes - £126 45 minutes - £186 1 hour - £222
An Aerobatic Flight N/A 40 minutes - £200 N/A 1 hour - £250
Observer (4 seat aircraft) Circuit - £15 30 minutes - £20 45 minutes - £25 1 hour - £30

Terms & Conditions

Please call prior to leaving home to check that the weather is suitable for your flight. Directions can also be confirmed with this phone call.

Should you wish to amend or cancel a flight, 48 hours' notice is required (by phone or e-mail) Please ensure that it has been received and responded to.

A hard copy of a valid voucher is required and proof if ID.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that the flight departs on time. You should aim to arrive 20 - 30 minutes prior to flight time for the briefing. If you arrive late, it may not be possible to conduct the flight and your voucher will be voided.

Vouchers are transferable but not refundable.

Why learn to fly?

Exclusive club

The number of active pilots in the UK is relatively small, about 20,000 who are current. All that you need is an interest in learning, determination and persistence to finish the course.
  • People looking for a career in aviation who wish to demonstrate in practical terms an interest in flying
  • People who are considering a career as an airline pilot but want to take a PPL first rather than move immediately to the cost and commitment of a CPL course
  • People looking for a new challenge after they have outgrown past interests and hobbies
  • The pure enjoyment and exhilaration of flying and seeing everything from above ground level
Whatever your motivation we hope you have found this guide useful and we shall look forward to seeing you at Almat Aviation.

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