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Aerobatics Course

This course is broken into three phases which follows the Basic,
Standard and Intermediate courses aeroof the AOPA aerobatics syllabus.

The issue of the EASA AR requires the completion of 5 hours aerobatic instruction, with no proficiency check. In order that standards are seen to be maintained, Almat will continue to complete the course with a flight during which the applicant will be able to demonstrate his or her competency. The competency flight will normally be conducted by an AR instructor other than the instructor who conducted the initial training.

The Basic course consists of a minimum of five hours of aerobatic flying and a minimum of eight
hours theoretical knowledge instruction of which four may be self study.

Theortical Knowledge instruction subjects

  • Physical Limitations
  • Tehchnical Subjects
  • Limitations Applicable to the specific aeroplane type
  • Emergency drills
  • Aresti System

Flight Training

  • Long briefings manoeuvre (Airmanshop, revision, advanced, slow flight, Stalling, Recovery form spiral dive)
  • Flight exercises manoeuvre (General handling, Advanced turning, spin recovery)


Aerobatic Package

  • 1/2 hour aerobatics
  • Joining  fee
  • 12 Month subscriptions
  • Certificate of flight
  • Details of flight and club information
  • Complimentary drink at the Oak
  • Price - £249
​Upgrade to 1 hour aerobatics for an extra £80